Jennie Goff Smedberg

Jenn Goff is a licensed physical therapist, a board certified neurological specialist, a certified massage therapist, and a PHD student of metaphysical healing. She specializes in integrative therapy for chronic pain including myofascial release, healing touch, and Interactive intuition. She is an international instructor in integrative rehabilitative medicine.

With her extensive background and 30 years of therapeutic experience we are extremely grateful that she will be joining us at Canyon Health Center to help provide wellness and healing to our community.  Her unique blend of techniques address chronic pain syndromes, bringing balance to autonomic neurological disorders, releasing muscle tension common after trauma, injury, disease and stress.

To explore more information on her body-mind resilience practices you can visit her beautiful website she has personally developed and recorded containing stress and pain relieving meditations that are available to you by going to

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